Swedisch symphonic metal act EMETROPIA announce first new single “That Fateful Night” from upcoming debutalbum ‘Equinox’…..!!!

The Swedish symphonic metal act Emetropia announce that their new single That Fateful Night is out now on every major platform! The song is the starting point for the road to their debut album titled Equinox and gives listeners a hint of what lies ahead.

Their keyboardist and main song-writer Liam Strand believes that the new single best represents Emetropia. “It demonstrates the dynamic nature of the band. It has everything from intimate verses, where vocalist Lisa Wallenberg gets to shine together with our progressive drummer Oscar Heikkinen, to bombastic choir sections that pay homage to the pioneers of the genre.”

Lisa explains that That Fateful Night is the song where the album’s “tale within a tale” begins. She says that “listeners of our debut EP have already heard of the kings and their never-ending fight. Now we meet a young boy who is determined to help the kings make peace. With the confidence and naivety that comes with childhood, he sneaks out of his bedroom and enters the moonlit forest, in search of the kings’ realm.”

The song is mixed and mastered by Michele “Meek” Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis, Temperance) with artwork by Jani Stefanovic. The single is available on all streaming platforms and released independently.

The single can be heard here:

About Emetropia

Emetropia is a symphonic metal band from Linköping, Sweden, formed in 2017. While many bands in the genre choose to lean towards a gothic, dark theme, Emetropia instead focuses on delivering energetic and dynamic metal driven by big orchestras and choirs. Together with intricate and modern songwriting inspired by many power and progressive metal acts, they are sure to make anyone who loves bands like Epica, Therion, or Amorphis eager for more.

Their upcoming debut album Equinox brings the full Equinox Saga, which was teased in their debut EP – Procession of the Kings – with all EP tracks also being “re-imagined” and re-recorded. With years of new experiences and the help of producer Michele Guaitoli, Equinox promises the old listener a completely new listening experience of already beloved songs, and introduces new listeners to the future of Swedish symphonic metal.

Band members

Lisa Wallenberg – Lead vocals

Liam Strand – Songwriting, keyboards, orchestral compositions, vocals

Olle Renius – Lead guitars

Jonatan Jakobsson – Rhythm guitars

Oscar Heikkinen – Drums

Kristoffer “Bobo” Pynnönen – Bass


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