The 3rd album of Hungarian VRAG is out now on CD and streaming platforms

“Harcom” is the 3rd album of Hungarian Vrag and is already available on YouTube, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.).

Old school misanthropic Black Metal, giving respect to the golden era of the genre, following the footsteps of bands like Burzum, early Ulver or Nargaroth.

The album was released on CD by Filosofem Records.

1. Harcom / My Struggle
2. Belül halott / Dead Inside
3. Az én keresztem / My Cross
4. Ott vagy a szélben / You Are There in The Wind
5. Búcsúzom a némaságtól / I Say Goodbye To Silence

Full album on Youtube:

Full album on Bandcamp:


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