INFAMOUS GLORY – The only Brazilian band in the newest international compilation Death Metal Power From Beyond

The album reunites 16 bands from all over the world and will be released next September 24th

The death metal band from São Paulo/Brazil, INFAMOUS GLORY, will be in the compilation Death Metal Power From Beyond, by the labels MCDT Company (Netherlands) and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (USA).

The group is the only Brazilian representative along with over 15 bands from other countries.

The news excited the group! “It was a way for us to connect with each other and feel that we could go forward during the Covid-19 pandemic. We thought the proposal was cool because the labels that are launching the album were starting their activities and this work would be very strategic to them”, says the bassist Tonhão.

INFAMOUS GLORY especially composed a brand new song, “The Funeral Horde”, exclusively for the compilation which will hit all digital platforms on September 24th. A CD format version will be available too.

“When we saw some of the participants, like Coffins (Japan), Nominon (Sweden), which were bands we already knew and love, and Undergang (Denmark), which released one of the best albums of 2020, we were still more excited and sure that it was something worthwhile”, completes the bassist.

DEATH METAL POWER FROM BEYOND compilation will be available on the addresses below:



From left to right:
Andre Neil, Kexo, Piza, Coroner and Tonhão (Infamous Glory, current lineup)
© Renato Pizzutto (photographer)

Short Bio

Infamous Glory is a Death Metal band founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1999. There are more than 20 years on the road and dozens of shows alongside bands like Dismember, Krisiun, Voivod among others. Influenced by Death Metal Old School and Scandinavian bands, the band has a Demo, 4 EPs, a Split (“Burial Breed” 2011 with The Black Coffins) and 3 LPs: “Deathstrike Revenge” (2010), “Bloodfeast” ( 2013), “An Ancient Sect Of Darkness” (2019). In 2020, they released their first live record, “Dead Alive”.

INFAMOUS GLORY current lineup:

Kexo – Guitar/Vocal (Since 1999 — founding member)
G. Piza – Drums (Since 2002)
Leandro D. “Coroner” – Vocal (Since 2003)
André Neil – Guitar (Since 2020 – new member)
Tonhão – Bass (Since 2019)


The Ritual of Black Magic – Demo, 2001

Massacre Celebration – Demo, 2003

Night of the Rising Moon – Demo, 2004

Order of Doom – EP, 2005

Will to Dismember – EP, 2009

Deathstrike Revenge – Compilation, 2010

Burial Breed – Split, 2011

Bloodfeast – Full-length, 2013

Whipstriker / Nuclëar Fröst / Infamous Glory / Stench of Death – Split, 2015

The Conjuring – EP, 2015

An Ancient Sect of Darkness – Full-length, 2019

Dead Alive – Live Album, 2020

Death Metal Power From Beyond – Compilation, 2021


Instagram: @infamousglory_death_metal

Facebook: @infamousgloryofficial 

Twitter: @InfamousGloryDM






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