THE HORROR LEGACY – Rome based horror/cinematic project signs to Time To Kill Records

Time To Kill Records is proud to announce the signing of Rome based horror/cinematic project THE HORROR LEGACY. The band will be releasing their debut full-length in the coming months.

THE HORROR LEGACY was born from an idea by Giacomo Anselmi, guitarist for Goblin Rebirth, and Titta Tani, former drummer for Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin and American death metal band Necrophagia, with the intention of creating a cinematic visual experience.

Soon they were joined by bassist Roberto Fasciani (Fabio Frizzi) and keyboard player Pasquale Renna.

The project’s live show will take you in a two hour audio/visual trip, with scenes and music from iconic movies such as “Caliber 9”, “Deep Red”, “Suspiria”, “Blade Runner”, “The Beyond”, “Rosemary’s Baby” and more.

For international booking, THE HORROR LEGACY have recently signed to Route One Booking.

The upcoming album will feature very special guests that share the band’s admiration for movies’ directors and composers.


Titta Tani: drums
Roberto Fasciani: bass
Giacomo Anselmi: guitar
Pasquale Renna: keyboards


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