Brazil´s new Death Metal / Deathcore act HRANICE ABYSS presents killer video for ´Pathfinder´

Hranice Abyss is an amazing Death Metal / Deathcore based out of São Paulo in Brazil. Enjoy their new single / video ´Pathfinder´ right here: 

´Pathfinder´ revolves around the search for resolutions in life. Sometimes we feel trapped in situations that we struggle to leave but something keep dragging us to this and we feel that it’s impossible to leave it behind. Could be with family, love relationships, friends, job, vices – all of them could relate to this song. The fast paced tempo and complex riffs can bring a sensation of anxiety that the lyrical themes are related. This video was concepted, directed and edited by the band itself but the filming was by Guilherme Froes from the Porduzip agency who made the “Flawless Oblivion” video. The history revolves around a love relationship that is degrading because the two parts can’t understand each other. The location represents a mental maze and the two lovers trying to figure it out how to escape this relationship. The video is about the pain of seeing these parts in moments of complete disconnection with each other, is about the leaving process of the end of the relation.
This is the last video of the “Aphagy” EP promotion.

With several influences, going through The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Necrophagist, Death and Lamb Of God to Slayer, merging with modern views of bands like Meshuggah, Slipknot, Decapitated and beholding productions of Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, Hranice Abyss seeks the union of visceral with aesthetic beauty, from pure catharsis to sublimation. The lyrical themes extend to philosophical questions of the culture industry of Adorno and Horkheimer, Nietzsche’s nihilism and liberated life, Bauman’s liquid relations and the simulations of Baudrillard.

Visiting the Freudian psychoanalysis and using the Byron’s poetics, the band raise questions about where the postmodern man fits, of its complexes and traumas, the resignification of life and affective relationships. In this mediatic world where everything is a product and mental spaces are getting smaller, the band want to face the abyss and contemplate the emptiness that plagues our souls in order to find our meaning and transform it into art.
´Flawless Oblivion´ revolves around modern life, the loss of will and free thinking. All the struggles we make to lead a normal, routine life, losing ourselves to the will of others. But in the midst of all the setbacks and moments difficult, people can move on, but with that feeling of emptiness inside. This is who we are. This is our story. The music itself has spatial-contemplative parts and also a heavy accelerated rhythm, making a parallel of anesthetized mind and anxiety, catharsis and sublimation, creating the environment for the lyrical approach. It was a long day of filming and very tiring. The day before we had to prepare all the configurations and the flags. In addition, we used a drone for some filming, creating a more open atmosphere for the video. The dance gave a special touch, we wanted a sentimental and sensitive feeling to the video, but at the same time, something that could bring the viewer a sense of narrative, without losing its aesthetics.

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Brazil´s new Death Metal / Deathcore act HRANICE ABYSS presents killer video for ´Flawless Oblivion´


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