REXUL presents 1st single, infos & pre-sale start

FDA Records is pleased to announce the signing of one of the most intense Death Metal bands we’ve heard for years. REXUL from Germany sounds fresh, authentic, catchy and brutal as fck. REXUL is now presenting their debut album “Erebus … Virtuosus … Alpha …”. 

13 anti-Christian, blasphemous , nasty and brutal tracks (including intros / outros) fired into your ear canals . 

Pure, classic American styled, heavy Death Metal on a high level for fans of BRUTALITY, MORBID ANGEL or DEICIDE. Definitely a Death Metal highlight !!! 

„Erebus… Virtuosus… Alpha…“ hits the stores 26.11.2021 on CD and Download/Stream by FDA Records (Soulfood Music). Due to the long waiting times in the vinyl pressing plants, the vinyl version will be released on March 15th. 2022, BUT if you pre-order the vinyl, you will receive an album download code on November 26th. 2021 to bridge the waiting time a little. 

And now, enjoy the first single “Intergalactic Eyes”:

Right now, the pre-sale started. Available are the CD and the CD+T-Shirt (different artwork) bundle for an extraordinary special pre-sale price. Just 19.99€. Also available are different, strictly limited vinyl versions: WWW.FDA-RECORDS.COM

REXUL online:

Track Listing

01. 999

02. Intergalactic Eyes

03. Reentry In Emptiness

04. The Light

05. Entlightened by the Morning Star

06. Fraternitas of an Old Noir Latreia

07. 333

08. Immaculate Vengeance

09. Curia

10. The Darkness

11. Undead Between The Column of Salomon

12. Laudatio Per Mortem

13. 666

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