STRIBORG – “Ghostwoodlands” reissue coming soon

Rude Awakening Records is proud to announce its fifth release, in collaboration with Satanath Records and The End of Time Records.

Available from 25th October 2021, “Ghostwoodlands” by the prolific Australian one man band STRIBORG will see the light again, after being originally by Displeased Records in 2007. This reissue will be available as a limited edition of 500 CD copies worldwide.

This reissue will keep the original 2007 tracklist, while having a brand new cover artwork by the artist Mary Kankava (hellcatfairyart) and a remaster by Black Dwell Records studios of Roman Sapozhnikov.

Tracklist as follows:

1. Bete Noirs

2. Wandering the Wilderness of Eternal Misery

3. Light Anomalies in the Phantom Woods

4. With Animosity I Bequeath Thee

5. Sinister Scraping of the Spectres

6. Ghostwoodlands

7. Descending into Utter Despair

Striborg project originally began in 1993 under the name Kathaaria. 1997 saw the name change to Striborg in which the direction shifted slightly to incorporate dark ambience and power electronics. Striborg’s international exposure started in 2003, during the following years a prolific amount of albums were released through Displeased Records and licenses via Southern Lord Records. Subsequent collaborations occurred with Sunn o))) members as Pentemple, as well as artists like Oren Ambarchi, Marco Fusinato and Xasthur. Striborg has been featured in two documentaries including One Man Metal with contemporaries such as Leviathan and Xasthur.

In July of 2017, Striborg had an epiphany to create a new genre “Blackwave” (BLACKmetal/darkWAVE) which takes aesthetics/elements from BM such as the atmosphere, themes and vocal style in addition to mixing it with the music/aesthetics of darkwave, synth pop, electro, EBM, witch house, techno and dark ambient music.

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