QAALM joins Hypaethral Records; Debut album “Resilience & Despair” due next year

Los Angeles-based atmospheric doom act QAALM has joined forces with Toronto-based record label Hypaethral Records to unleash their debut double LP titled Resilience & Despair.

The first single, “Existence Asunder,” will be released as an edited mix of the epic 20-minute album track featured with an accompanying music video. Resilience & Despair is scheduled for release in Winter 2022, with specific details regarding pre-order and limited edition vinyl versions coming in the next couple of months.

Despite featuring current/former members of notable metal bands Act Of DefianceHarassor, and Seven Sisters of SleepQAALM has no musical comparison, having forged a sound unlike any of its member’s previous efforts. Combining the crushing heaviness of sludge, the melancholic harmonies of funeral doom, with the atmosphere and intensity of black metal, QAALM has created a gloomy, depressive, and unique interpretation of the doom metal genre.

Formed in 2012, Hypaethral Records are purveyors of doom and blackened metal. QAALM is a perfect fit for the label, alongside the stalwarts of doom Olde, the blackened hardcore of Spread the Disease, the crust/black metal of Ramlord, and the suffocating drone of Gates.
FFO: Neurosis, Corrupted, Asunder, Mournful Congregation, Isis, Katatonia

Pete Majors – lead vocals
Henry Derek Elis – lead guitars, vocals
Brock Elmore – rhythm guitars, vocals
David Huet – bass
Dave Ferrara – drums

Listen to the QAALM demo:
More info on Hypaethral Records:

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