Australian death/black veterans VAHRZAW to release new full length on Transcending Obscurity

Unsung Australian heroes Vahrzaw have been at it for decades, honing their black/death craft, and they’ve managed to come up with something that’s not only their best effort yet but also forge a sound that they can call their own. They’re blending elements of black and death metal, throwing in sublime thrash riffing and regurgitating it all in a manner that only they can pull off – with it all sounding coherent and even logical. You can listen to one of their straightforward and menacing tracks HERE, whereas the more evolved and progressive sounding one can be heard HERE. Thanks for your support fellas! The mighty Wombbath release is up next! – Kunal Choksi (label owner)

Vahrzaw (Australia) – The Trembling Voices of Conquered Men (Death/Black Metal)

Genre – Death / Black Metal 
Release Date – December 10th, 2021
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of: The Chasm, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Sinister, Morbus Chron, Immolation, Darkthrone, Question

Australian black/death metal band Vahrzaw have been perfecting their sound since the early ’90s and creating a blend of the two styles that doesn’t sound like anything else out there. At this stage their music has evolved enough to make it sound almost progressive in nature, where they take the best elements of both the styles, throw in some thrash metal elements, a tinge of melody, and create their own palette and go about their inimitable way of expressing themselves using unique and vivid brush strokes with colours both familiar and bold. It’s likely to get lost in their deceptive, constantly changing, labyrinthine structures which fool the listener into thinking he’s been there before and the next minute he’s contending with a completely different soundscape. None of it comes across as jarring just because it’s so coherently and expertly done and he’s compelled to experience it all over again to make sense of this phenomenon, this illusion. It’s easy to see that the fourth full-length by these criminally underrated veterans is brilliantly written and despite being rooted in the old sound, it not only stands the test of time but urges one to revisit it and attempt to decipher and fully understand its full scope and genius.

Line up –
Williams – Electric and acoustic guitars
Van Doorn – Bass and vocals
Gawith – Battery

Artwork by Alex Shadrin/Nether Temple Design (Temple NightsideInterment)

Track listing –

1. The Trembling Voices…
2. Death Of An Unknown Architect
3. Waiting With The Wolves
4. As Ships Upon Shores
5. Vultures
6. The Pessimist
7. …Of Conquered Men

Official Video Stream #1

Official Video Stream #2

Vahrzaw Bandcamp

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