BARON CARTA’s new EP ‘In A Concrete Room’ is released

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For fans of heavy, drop-tuned, melodic metal, BARON CARTA have just released ‘In a Concrete Room’, the eagerly awaited follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, ‘Step Into The Plague’ (see reviews below.)

The new release is available right now on all major streaming and digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer, TikTok, and more. The new record was mixed and mastered by Grammy Nominated Jacob Hansen and produced by Jono Bacon.

‘In a Concrete Room’ was written and recorded by BARON CARTA founder, Jono Bacon, and features the incredible near-four-octave range of legendary singer, Ralf Sheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) and the solid rhythmic foundation of Morten Gade Sorensen (PYRAMAZE, ANUBIS GATE). It also features Tom Draper from CARCASS bringing his killer lead guitar skills as a guest on ‘Ratlines’.

The new release kicks off with ‘Altrincham’, an upbeat, accessible banger of a song, which Baron Carta released as the first single earlier this month, complete with lyric video and a full behind the scenes commentary.

After this mid-tempo start, the record gets into the considerably more aggressive ‘Ratlines’, reminding listeners of Bacon’s bay area thrash inspirations, while also blending unique elements of modern metal. The song features Tom Draper of CARCASS who participates in a guitar solo battle with Bacon. We are not sure who wins.

Next up, we have ‘Living On Running Low’, a pedal-to-the-metal slammer, replete with big, thich riffs, pounding drums, and Steve Harris-style bass underpinnings. This is the one you put on when out driving on a Saturday afternoon.

The penultimate song on ‘In a Concrete Room’ is ‘Light Bearer’, which kicks in with a slow, thick, grinding start, before riding into a big chorus and then percussive, modern breakdowns and a taking listeners in a surprising direction as the song breaks for an almost jazzy section with a ripping solo.

Finally, Baron Carta provides the sequel to the acclaimed ‘Act 1: Duty’ from their debut release, this time delivering ‘Act 2: Resilience’, filled with huge orchestral parts, heavy thundering guitars, culminating in a genuine sense of size and space with this 8min+ epic.

For fans wanting more, Baron Carta are changing the rules with how they release music, releasing two full EPs a year as opposed to an album every two years. The idea is simple: fans get music more often.

Jono Bacon, founder of Baron Carta is proud of the new release. “You know, every new record is a step forward in direction. In my mind, Baron Carta has to always be about the songs…about heavy, thick, melodic, but aggressive music that has the potential to surprise people. I am really proud of ‘In a Concrete Room’…I feel it has the different shades I was hoping for, and I really hope fans get a kick out of it.”


In a Concrete Room’ is the follow up to ‘Step Into The Plague’ which received rave reviews.

Here are some sample reviews:

“With this EP, Baron Carta have hit the ground running, but honestly, who didn’t think they would? These are seasoned musicians who know exactly what they’re doing. Therefore, what the listener gets here with ‘Step…’ is a slab of heavy metal with some power metal overtones which have been excellently produced.” – Metal Digest

“Step Into the Plague” is ambrosial brilliance, sustenance for the soul if you will, and I implore you to savour every last morsel.” – Metal Temple

“Baron Carta not only made a convincing debut, but also whetted the appetite for more. From the singing to the songwriting to the production everything is right here.” – Hellfire Magazine



Altrincham was written by Jono Bacon.

Guitars/Bass – Jono Bacon

Vocals – Ralf Scheepers

Drums – Morten Gade Sorenson

Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen and Hansen Studios.


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