UNANIMATED – new album “Victory in Blood” to hit the streets December 3rd, 2021! Pre-Order starts today!

The wait is over!

UNANIMATED return with a new album called “Victory in Blood” which will be released on December 3rd, 2021!

This marks their first studio effort in over 10 years and can already be counted as another milestone in the long band history. 

The truly incredible artwork and layout was handled by none other than Daniele Valeriani (Mayhem, Triptykon, Behemoth, Dissection, etc. – just to name a few).

The vinyl version comes in a Ltd. Gatefold 180g. 2LP, with an Etching on Side D, Art Print and 12-page LP-Booklet. This exclusive vinyl edition also includes a cover version of Brazilian metal legends Sarcofargo, which will be only available on this format. The CD version comes as a 6-panel Pocket Pac (eco-friendly enclosure) with 12-page CD-Booklet. Also available as digital album.

A specially visualized video for the title track is now available for you to watch HERE!

Richard Cabeza finds the following words what to expect about their new studio effort:
“The wait is over, once again the funeral trumpets sing the pestilence of lucifer! We are very excited to release our 4th full length album and open the gates to a new chapter and march further into the abyss. We really went deep within ourself to release the pure essence of the band. The unity of band is stronger than ever and I think this shows on this album. I feel this is the strongest, most honest, genuine and direct album we done. It’s written in blood, carved in stone, our victory in blood!”

The track listing reads as follows:

Side A   

1.    Victory in Blood    (03:56)
2.    Seven Mouths of Madness    (03:30)
3.    As the Night Takes us    (04:14)
4.    The Devil Rides Out    (03:13)
5.    With a Cold Embrace    (01:08)
Side B  
1.    Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum)    (05:29)
2.    XIII    (06:12)
3.    Scepter of Vengeance    (03:58)
4.    Chaos Ascends    (02:00)

Side C      

1    The Golden Dawn of Murder    (04:20)
2    Divine Hunger    (02:05)
3    The Poetry of the Scared Earth    (06:58)
4    Satanic Lust (Cover) (only on Vinyl)    (03:16)
Side D  

The album can be pre-ordered from today on HERE!

Richard Cabeza – Bass
Jojje Bohlin – Guitar
Jonas Derouche – Guitar
Anders Schultz – Drums
Mikael Broberg – Vocals


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