ARDE stream new track “The Birch” on INVISIBLE ORANGES!

At present, the Berlin atmospheric black metal horde ARDE premieres a new track called “The Birch” on tastemaker music blog INVISIBLE ORANGES. Taken from the band’s much-anticipated second album ‘ANCESTRAL CULT’, link below:

WOLVES OF HADES, ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA & DARKWOORDS are thrilled to announce that on October 28th, the second full-length ‘ANCESTRAL CULT‘ by ARDE, shall be unleased.

This 37-minute epic opus is dedicated to ancient cults about goddesses and the female figure which holds a central place in many ancestral cultures.


The genesis of ARDE extends back to the year 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Essentially aiming at a sound which applied inspirations extending through the D-Beat/Crust sonic ranges. Momentarily the collective brought forth a different pallet of influences, predominantly from the further atmospheric and dense realms of Black Metal. With the 2018’s self-titled debut recording, ARDE inflicted a mass of ravishing Black Metal into this dying world as the impending doom of our creation is projected unto us day by day. As the dark veil of the current pandemic spread its vicious tentacles, the German collective handled its lockdown by focusing on the writing of a new tome. Which became ‘ANCESTRAL CULT’.
Released on Tape and Vinyl through WOLVES OF HADES in conspiracy with ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA and CD through DARKWOORDS. Experience and nourish the magic, the light and the shadow, the sacred healing nature of our Mother Goddesses on an all-out epic journey of Black Metal ecstasy.

(Due to serious delays at the pressing plant, the LP is expected in Spring 2022)


For fans of: Wolves In The Throne Room, Alda, Fen, Antlers & Addaura


  1. The Birth Portal (7:37)
  2. Halls Of Ostara (9:10)
  3. Síle (1:33)
  4. The Birch (8:36)
  5. Vesica Piscis (9:34)
    Total: (36:30)

Recorded at The Urban Spree in Berlin, Germany by Haimo in February 2021
Vocals recorded at Corsarios Estudios in San Sebastian, Spain by Lolo
Mixed by Haimo and Mastered at Enormous Door in Austin, Texas (USA)
Artwork by Brookesia Studio

All songs and lyrics written by Arde
“Síle” composed and Performed by Amelia Baker from Cinder Well


Haimo – Guitar
Celia – Bass
Rubén – Guitar
Kato – Vocals
Łukasz – Drums

Arde (Full-length 2018 / Wolves Of Hades)


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