Melodic Death Metallers IMPACT APPROVED Present ‘Non Serviam’ Official Music Video

“Non Serviam” is a track taken from IMPACT APPROVED album “Into the Fray” out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Non Serviam” was composed by Uwe back in October 2019. At this point, Impact Approved consisted of only Uwe, Phil and Maurice (who had just joined the band). That´s why our guitarist Armin (who joined in 2020) can not be seen in the video.

The lyrics were written by Philipp also in October 2019 and are roughly inspired by dystopian novels such as “Brave New World” and “1984” and of course by democratic virtues like anti-fascism, anti-racism, non-conformism, freedom of speech, liberty and peace.

Stream/Download “Into the Fray” HERE

The band is focusing on new tracks which will follow the direction of “Into the Fray”, but lead into a wider musical horizon and metal genres like Djent, Math Core and Death Core will have an influence to the future sound and music of Impact Approved. Stay tuned!

Expect the unexpected and follow them INTO THE FRAY.

Armin Witt – Guitars
Philipp Kock – Vocals
Uwe Reese – Drums
Maurice Zwoch – Bass

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