New SØRGELIG EP out now!

The world is fucked, and Sørgelig know it.

The Greek apostates, forever lost and devoted to nothingness, have returned from oblivion to bear witness to the ruin of humanity – this time with a message more vital and horrifying than ever.

Just one year after their four-way split with Hajduk, Nimbifer and Akantha and their devastating self-titled EP, fresh offering ‘Slaves of Tomorrow‘ sees the nihilistic five piece exploring new kinds of violence to deliver a striking triptych of punk-influenced black metal apocalypticism, dedicated to our failures and perpetual struggles.

“With Sørgelig we have always wanted to experiment with our sound, like we did in the past with the release of our 2019 EP ‘Devoted to Nothingness’, which was closer to the Portuguese scene. Now we have deemed that before our upcoming third full length should see the light of day, it would be fitting to release an EP that takes the classic Sørgelig sound and imbues it with a more punk/crust vibe.

Throughout ‘Slaves of Tomorrow’ we talk about about the majority of people that are poor and their plight, how we all live in a neverending slavery – and the problems we face as an unavoidable result of it.”

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