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Taken from album: Nerve Butcherer (out on nov. 26 via Sepulchral Voice Records)

On they slay! After “Primitive Force” from 2019, CONCRETE WINDS now deliver their 2nd full-length album fittingly entitled “Nerve Butcherer“.

Concrete Winds is the most vicious band in death metal right now. I don’t say that lightly; even on their parent label, Sepulchral Voice Records, there are some astonishingly violent bands such as Sijjin (whose upcoming debut album Sumerian Promises is a real doozy) and the mighty Degial. The brutal intensity and nerve-wracking cacophony that Concrete Winds create with their hyper-speed take on the genre is unmatched, with their music forming a whirlwind of unhinged hatred and promises of destruction.

As undeniably great as the debut Concrete Winds album, Primitive Force, was the new opus Nerve Butcherer that comes out on November 26th is even better. Even more menacing and off-kilter, it recalls the most insane sections from albums like The Magus or of the ferocity of Divus de Mortuus without repeating them. The fact that the band at this level of speed and aggression does not descend into grindcore noise is in and of itself impressive; the fact that the band’s sparsely-used anxious slow sections hold up as well as the fast ones is even moreso. Nerve Butcherer lives up to its name and is not an album for the faint of heart.

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