Seattle Death Metallers RHINE Releasing Ausland November 12 on Within The Mind Records

Progressive Death Metal quartet RHINE will release Ausland, the band’s third full-length album, November 12 on Within The Mind Records.

A music video for “Prisoner of Fate” is available at

Multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Tachell had this to say about Ausland:

“Our new album Ausland explores some pretty cynical and nihilistic themes. It’s a mix of personal struggles with depression, fear and conflict, and some politically driven stuff about privilege, capitalism, the environment etc. The album is heavier than previous releases, with more refined song writing and is generally more cohesive, but still has plenty of proggy twists and turns. The title Ausland means foreign place in German, which kind of summarizes the whole feeling of living in this world right now. It also harkens back to my childhood living in Germany, where “Auslander” (foreigners) were forced into the lower class by societal structures, my first encounter with the hate and discrimination that plagues the whole world.”

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude
  2. Virtual Plague
  3. Prisoner of Fate
  4. Running Away
  5. Ausland
  6. The Path to Power
  7. Trivial
  8. Shadow Future

Album Credits:

Gabriel Tachell – vocals, guitars, bass, programming
Daryl Williams – drums
Andrew Dennis – guitar
Produced and Mixed by Gabriel Tachell
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Audio
Cover Artwork by Jill Colbert


James Porter (Bass)
Gabriel Tachell (Guitars, Vocals)
Carlos Delgado (Drums)
Andrew Dennis (Guitar)
Rhine on Spotify

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