THE DESIGN ABSTRACT Introduce Their Most Chaotic Track Yet, “Decryptor” Off Upcoming Album

New Album “Metemtechnosis” Out October 29th via Abstrakted Records

L-R – Matt Ngo (Guitar) | Voiicide (Vocals, Bass, Synth) | Logan Mayhem (Guitar, Synth)
Photo Credit: Tami Martin

“Decryptor” is the second single off the upcoming album “Metemtechnosis” from Canada’s The Design Abstract. The album is a continuation of the sojourn into the epic sci-fi world the band has created, explored by their deeply narrative songs. This single is the band’s magnum opus; they state that everything that is present in this album and the last – Technotheism (2021) can be found in this track. They explain further: 

“Decryptor is quite simply the cumulation of our sound to this point: every key element of this album, as well as Technotheism, are on display here. The chorus is a massive and crushing display of rhythm, while almost every other section of the track is exploring melody and technicality in different ways. If you liked the orchestral parts of past releases, you won’t be disappointed; if you liked the industrial or electronic elements, they’re there as well. If you liked the crushing low vocals or the sparkly clean ones, it’s all in this track! Compositionally we pushed ourselves in every way we could, and I think the result speaks for itself.”

Overall, The Design Abstract can be summed up as devastating blast beats merged into breakdowns which giveaway to detailed orchestral work, and synth layering. Crushing guttural lows, contrasted with crisp clean vocals, and of course riff after riff of technical-yet-memorable guitar work. 

The single tells the story of the saviour of Aberration Omega: the fabled Decryptor. Described as “an angel of digital reckoning” and “the archfiend of machines”, the Decryptor character is the key to the rebellion breaking through the walls of the oppressive temple, and discovering the secrets which will be uncovered in the next album.

Impeccable storytelling and songwriting are the primary focuses of The Design Abstract‘s music, and this upcoming full length is sure to grab the attention of anyone who enjoys narrative concept records and bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Soilwork and Septicflesh.

Listen to “Decryptor” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERESingle pre-save –

The album “Metemtechnosis” drops on October 29, 2021 via Abstrakted Records.

Album pre-order – 

Lyric Video – Born of Machines – 

Track Listing:
1. Digital Dawn (8:03)
2. Born of Machines (4:35)
3. The Hybrid Awakening (7:07)
4. Organic Data Fusion (5:45)
5. Metropolis II (4:42)
6. Aberration Omega (3:33)
7. Upheaval (Instrumental) (2:00)
8. Sentinels (3:10)
9. Decryptor (6:32)
Album Length: 45:31

Album Band Line Up:
Voiicide – Vocals, Bass, Scoring/Sampling/Programming
Logan Mayhem – Guitars, Modular synthesis
Matt Ngo – Guitars

For more info: 

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