Doom Metal duo TODOMAL shares first video from “Ultracrepidarian”

“Ultracrepidarian” is the first advance track off the homonymous debut album by TodoMal (translates as “all evil” in Spanish), which will be released next November 26th through The Vinyl Division (Clouds, Counting Hours, Pantheist, etc) on digipak CD, white/black vinyl and all digital platforms. 

TodoMal (translates as “all evil” or “all wrong”) came to life in the year zero of our era, 2020, as the brain child of Wildman and Mile, two veteran multi-instrumentalists of the Spanish underground metal scene, whose extensive background goes back to a myriad of projects of multiple styles such as AsgarothThe HereticNexus 6, or Dejadeath. TodoMal is the product of serendipity, a personal combination of the solemnity of traditional doom metal with the profusion of space-rock.

“Ultracrepidarian” was written and recorded during the course of the previous year on an almost 100% DIY basis, except for a couple of guest appearances and the mastering of Greg Chandler (EsotericAtramentusFuoco Fatuo…). 

The title track of the record is inspired by the landscapes of the lost corners of “empty Spain”. It evokes vast fields, unfinished and precarious cathedrals, infinite sunsets in an agonic and constant groove packed with melodic chiaroscuros. The neologism “ultracrepidarian”— a person who offers opinions beyond their own knowledge—deals with the idea of getting carried away by the irrational, the hubris and the gut feelings and opposing reality and facts, ultimately resulting in those monstrous archetypes that divide and confront people.

With this in mind, what’s real and rational gets blurred out, just like a mirage under the scorching sun of an imaginary desert that inspires the album’s concept: the perfect scenery for TodoMal to explore, dwell and revel in.

TodoMal are:

*Wildman (music & vocals)
*Mile (music & production) 

Recorded at Montseny Studios & Trinitat Studios, 2020-2021.
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, Summer 2021.

This video was comprehensively directed and produced DIY by the duo and shot during the course of two days in 2021. The footage was shot on location at the archaeological site of Ambrona near Medinaceli (Soria), Justo Gallego’s cathedral in Mejorada del Campo (Madrid) and the fields of Usanos (Guadalajara)

Album preorders are available HERE and HERE

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