Listenable Records welcome FETAL BLOOD EAGLE!

After birthed in 2021, FETAL BLOOD EAGLE is the culmination of a putrid vision of reprobates to create the most awesome brutally heavy death metal of un-killable destruction ever made….at least this week anyway.

The band features Sven De Caluwé (Aborted) on Vocals, Jim Gregory (Solium Fatalis) and Ryan Beevers (Unflesh, Solium Fatalis) on Guitars, Lenny Patterson (Necronomichrist) on Bass, and Kendall “Pariah” Divoll (Necronomichrist) on Drums.

With this combination to the lament configuration they crafted, honed, chewed up and then pooped out 10 songs of ferocity and bellicosity. “Indoctrinate” will be sure to tickle the senses and possibly your loins, if you don’t throw up first from blasting devastation that only these fine upstanding citizens can bring!

FETAL BLOOD EAGLEIndoctrinate‘ will be released in early 2022

‘Indoctrinate’ album track listing:
1 Necromorphic Illumination 03:43
2 Hate Fucked Face 03:11
3 Razorwire Communion 04:16
4 Caverns of Deformulated Flesh 03:22
5 Only Meth is Real 02:43
6 Devoid of Corrosive Form 03:04
7 Abortion Dumpster Overload 03:28
8 Injected Larvae of the Hive Mind 03:14
9 Decompression Disembowlement 03:22
10 Cinder Block Suicide 03:34

Instagram : @fbemetal

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