STRYCH:9 released a brand new video “Freak”

After releasing their debut album “Parasiit” just back in May, Strych:9 has come back with a brand new music video for track “Freak”.

Strych:9 is a five-piece heavy music group founded in Tartu, Estonia in 2018, whose music is characterized by a peculiar mixture of nu-, death– and industrial metal. Track “Freak” included in the music video is also a part of the band’s debut album “Parasiit”. 

Kerstin Tälli, the producer of the video, comments on the whole process: “This whole mess really started when Kapa asked if I knew anyone who could do a great job at editing. Of course, I took a chance and vouched for myself! Somehow the whole band would take a chance of faith with me and then we started working on the whole plot of the video. First, there was a fair bit of chaos: lots of ideas and to choose the best from them was quite a challenge. What made it even more difficult, is the fact that if we got stuck on the process, Reio said: “let’s sleep on it” and things were packed up and waiting for the next meeting with new ideas. The whole process took us a couple of months while just a couple of days were spent on filming. Luckily we had quite a bit of background forces helping us out. The days were long, but having wonderful collaboration with our team and super(camera)man Tarmo, the whole experience was excellent. Feel free to check out our video!”

Video link :

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