Listen Now! ENDURE THE AFFLICTION’s New EP, EVOLVE Streaming at V13

The band shared their experience creating this EP, “The Evolve EP was something that, for a little while, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to do. Our previous EP released a month before covid lockdowns started, so we didn’t get to push that the way we wanted to. At first, with all the unknowns, we couldn’t really get together to write much, and we went a year without stepping foot on stage. On top of that, we had to go through an unexpected personnel change. But we came through it all with what we feel like is a much better style and a more personal, emotionally invested feel.” 

ENDURE THE AFFLICTION is rounding off 2021 with a brand new EP Evolve, out October 15th. Embodying the hallmarks of melodic metal while embracing their Louisiana roots, ENDURE THE AFFLICTION delivers what can only be described as total Southern darkness as they bridge the divide between modern metalcore and classic power metal and American gothic.

The band comments: “The human condition is all about experience. What you go through will shape who you are. That’s an undisputed fact. Almost every track in this EP is about hitting a low point and figuring out how you’ll respond to it. If your experiences shape who you are, then how you respond is how you Evolve; this is part of the reason for the title of the EP. The rest of the reason for the title is our own evolution musically; this EP is so drastically different from our last one, yet still true to who we are. As time goes on, we as humans grow and evolve to become something greater than what came before. What is life if not a series of evolutions?”

Formed in late 2018, members Tim Keith (Lead Vocals), Deion Lanthier (Co-Lead Vocals/Guitar), Brett Dronet (Guitar), Byron Vollmer (Backup Vocals/Bass), Kyle Roberts (Drums) exploded onto their local Louisiana scene with the powerful, yet subtly emotional riffs and soaring vocals that define their sound. Overcoming hardship being their music’s driving message, listeners find themselves relating to these musicians on a range of sensitive, but very real topics that many people struggle with daily.

Although their resolve has been tested, the band is proud to reveal Evolve. Using downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to write and record new material, ENDURE THE AFFLICTION, are ready to unleash in 2021 with new music and new videos that will demonstrate they’re a force to be reckoned with.

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