PRIMORDIAL SERPENT – Nature, Mythology and Gaming in the New EP “Under the Sign of the Bloodmoon”; Full Album Streaming on Order Ov the Black Arts

The Canadian one man black metal band PRIMORDIAL SERPENT is excited to announce that his new EP Under The Sign Of The Bloodmoon is out in streaming and digital download formats. The album is available in full streaming on the Order Ov The Black Arts YouTube channel:

PRIMORDIAL SERPENT is a one man black metal band based from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada sprouted from the mind of Geoof Coran. With a previous career in drone metal and dungeon synth bands, Geoff decided to start writing his own black metal material in August of 2020. 

The project has mainly been influenced by things that are a part of Geoff’s escapism. It can range from walks in nature, mythology, fantasy, and self reflection. So with venturing into various territories every release, he decided to get into the realm of gaming and write an album based on a game that struck a huge chord with him called Bloodborne. Bloodborne’s lore is very cryptic and incredibly deep and dark and very fitting for black metal. So he tooks it upon himself and wrote music and lyrics that fit with the overall theme of the game. The beautiful part of the album is that even though it is influenced by a game, you don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy it. Each individual track for the most part tells it’s own story, the music itself presents a very dark and aggressive and even at some points a hint of a gothic tone. So it provides a lot for the listener who has an interest in those themes whether they’re a gamer or not. 

The EP has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Geoff Coran, while the atwork is by Monorthern.

Under The Sign Of The Bloodmoon is available on: 



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