EMBER SUN Stream New Single “My Essence Fades In Time” on NextMosh & Metal Underground

EMBER SUN Are now streaming their 2nd single from the upcoming album, On Earth And Heaven, via NextMosh and Metal Underground. 

Listen on Metal Underground

Lorthar of EMBER SUN comments: ” ‘My Essence Fades In Time’ ; a very emotional song. What is left of us? Only memories. Existence is here for as long as we have memories. Memories are strictly related to time, since time tends to make people forget; and when we forget our memories, the essence of our beloved persons fades away. So our essence is something related to time. Thus, slowly, as the years pass, our essence fades away. It’s not a pessimistic view of reality, the opposite I would say. Make things that people will remember you by forever –  Immortality.”


EMBER SUN is the new solo project born in 2021 of Lorthar (founder/ex-member of black metal band ORDER OF THE EBON HAND) from Greece, playing atmospheric funeral doom death with influences of gothic scene. Lorthar has been and still is a member of several bands in the metal music scene and also on ambient style bands. EMBER SUN is a mix of all the music styles haunting Lorthar’s temperament.


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