EYES WIDE OPEN – release brand new single / video ‘Brother’ from upcoming album »Through Life and Death«

“The world is on fire!”
Modern metal four-piece EYES WIDE OPEN from Sweden have released their next new hit called ‘Brother‘ from their upcoming album »Through Life and Death«, due for release on November 12th via Arising Empire.
The album will be available as CDcolored vinyl and special bundles via Impericon EMP.

 »Through Life and Death« carries the torch from the Swedish melodic death metal scene, mixing it with modern sounds and new influences inspired from metalcore. Catchy melodies, heavy drumming, pumping rhythms and versatile vocals are merging into an own style of metal.

Watch ‘Brother‘ NOW
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“The last ship we sailed
Went down in flames
As a shadow of my former self
I won’t go
No I won’t go back”

»Through Life and Death« tracklisting:
1. World on Fire
2. Devastation
3. Fallout
4. Burn ‘Em
5. End of Days
6. Through Life and Death
7. Eraser
8. Brother
9. Wildfire
10. Echoes (feat. Richard Sjunnesson, Jonathan Thorpenberg)
11. Where Death Meets Paradise
12. Bridge to the Future

EYES WIDE OPEN is a four-piece modern metal band based in Karlstad (Sweden).
With their latest album »The UpsideDown« (2019) of four already released in total, they hit like a juggernaut and paved the road to top tier within the scene.

Erik Engstrand | vocals
Kristofer Strandberg | guitar
Jesper Lindgren | bass
Lucas Freise | drums

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