HÄXKAPELL – Tomhetens lågor (New single)


The time has come to reveal the second single of Häxkapell’s debut album, “Eldhymner”, which is due for release on October 29, 2021. Stream or download “Tomhetens lågor” via your preferred digital music service now.

HÄXKAPELL – Tomhetens lågor

Those who heard the first single, “Ur malströmmens famn”, will notice that this song shows an entirely different face of Häxkapell. Musically, the album is highly versatile – yet it retains the same atmospheric core all the way through.

As for its concept, Oraklet commented:

Tomhetens lågor” paints a sweeping, melancholic picture of the tremendous force that lies within the Void. The furious, destructive fires are ignited and burst fully aflame – they rise to the heavens and engulf all which is Holy, growing ever-mightier after devouring their Oppressor. Burnt by the sun’s rays, everything turns to ashes as power, violence, and wrath reign. The wind sings an elegy to a world lost to the flames of Emptiness.

New single ”Tomhetens lågor” available for immediate listening:

HÄXKAPELL – Eldhymner

Pre-sale link:


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