Dark Metal Female duo UPON SHADOWS release a new single entitled “Virtus Dormitiva”

In a mix between Extreme Metal and Dark Ambient, with a strong presence of keyboards and synthesizers to create a sinister and melancholic atmosphere, “Virtus Dormitiva”  shows the essence of Upon Shadows music, while recited, sung and guttural voices come and go to emphasize the emotionality and drama of the lyrics. 

Something special about this song is that it was the first time I played and recorded the drums myself, which marks the beginning of a new stage for me as a musician”. – Tamara Picardo. 

About the concept of the song: 

Inspired by the comedy “The Imaginary Sick” (Le malade imaginaire) by Moliere (1673). I take the expression “Virtus Dormitiva” as a metaphor to define the state of continuous drowsiness in which we find ourselves submerged. This state of drowsiness is generated by everyday life, day-to-day worries, fatigue, monotony, the pressure of social mandates  (what is expected of us), obligations (work, subsistence), the feeling that we have to be super productive all the time (self-enslavement). The pressure of the media mixing news  with entertainment, constantly bombarding the same topics, creating and imposing the  “common sense.” The unification of the masses under this “common sense” is like a giant wave that crushes individualities and leaves behind a uniform mass, generic and dead in ideas and passions”. Explains Tamara Picardo 

“Virtus Dormitiva” was mixed and mastered by Mika Pohjola at Soundmix recording studio, Oulu, Finland in September 2021 and is now available on music platforms. 

Watch the official video here:

Natalia Arocena – bass 
Tamara Picardo – guitar, keyboards, drums & vocals. 

© & 2021 All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo. 
ⓟ Lyrics and art design by Tamara Picardo. 


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