AUTOKRATOR – French menacing brutes stream new track “DCLXVI” via No Clean Singing; album ‘Persecution’ out November via Krucyator Productions

French death bringers Autokrator premiere a new song “DCLXVI” via No Clean Singing (play the track + read full feature AT THIS LOCATION) as the second preview track from the upcoming album, Persecution. Autokrator guitarist/bassist Loïc Fontaine considers this to be the most brutal song the band has ever composed and played, and No Clean Singing aptly backs his claim by deeming the dominating impression of this song as “one of a hurricane-strength firestorm.” 

Loïc Fontaine explains:

“The song ‘DCLXVI’ is about Roman Emperor Domitian and his persecution of Christians, and the lyrics of this song are from Bible Revelation 8:7 and 13:1. In Roman numerals, DCLXVI represents 666.

“According to Bible Revelation 13:18:
‘Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.’

“In his book ‘The White Goddess,’ theoretician Robert Graves concludes that DCLXVI  stands for Domitius Caesar Legatos Xti Violenter Interfecit— which means ‘The Emperor Domitian violently killed the ambassadors of Christ.’”

Krucyator Productions will issue this fourth album, Persecution, on CD, vinyl, and digital formats on 05 NovemberClick RIGHT HERE to PRE-ORDER the album and FOLLOW the band on Socials.

The previously revealed track “The Great Persecution” got premiered at Decibel Magazine last month and can be streamed HERE.

On the impending album, PersecutionAutokrator continues recreating the violent episodes from the past. Once again, using historical incidents as the album theme, the band chronicles the persecution of Christians during the ancient Roman Empire — under the reigns of Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, Domitian, and Trajan. Make no mistake, the record has nothing to do with glorifying the barbarity; it rather conjures up the cruel and dreadful sufferings of the victims — be it decapitation, execution, lapidation, damnatio ad bestias, dislocation, imprisonment, or banishment.

A trial fraught with danger, the album Persecution sees Autokrator entering into a new trajectory of death/black metal, shrouded by menacing, grotesque atmosphere. Musically, the suffocating 6-track record is the most intense and gnarliest offering by the duo thus far.

The opus features the maestro Kevin Paradis (Benighted, Mithridatic), who also played drums on the last album (Hammer of the Heretics), as the session drummer. 

Track Listing:
01. De Gloria Martyrum Et Confessorum                              
02. The Great Persecution                                            
03. DCLXVI                                                                          
04. Antechristus                                                                              
05. Caesar Nerva Traianus                                            
06. Apocalypsis  

Loïc Fontaine – Guitars, Bass
David Bailey – Vocals
Kevin Paradis – Drums (Session)

Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Fontaine at Krucyator Studio (
Vocals recorded by David Bailey.
Drums recorded by Kevin Paradis.

Artwork by Nestor Avalos.
Layout arrangement by Loïc Fontaine.

Pre-Order: (CD) (Vinyl) (Bandcamp  – CD, Vinyl, Digital) (Digital)

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