SIJJIN stream song „Condemned By Primal Contact“ via Invisible Oranges Mag USA

One of the strongest carriers of the torch after the original wave of death metal was the mighty Necros Christos, who dominated the world for 20 years across three albums, several EPs, and a variety of splits with cult bands like Teitanblood, Goat Molestör (who would later change their name to something more recognizable, Grave Miasma), and Loss. The band’s announcement after the masterpiece that was Domedon Doxomedon that they were done was a dark day, but soon after Necros Christos mastermind Malte Gericke announced that a new band was rising in its ashes: Sijjin.

Rather than the more personally focused music that Necros Christos spent years perfecting, Sijjin is an altar to the madness that was ‘80s thrash and death metal: ripping forever fast evil riffs with lyrics about horror and darkness instead of self-reflection and religion. The band’s first demo Angel of the Eastern Gate saw them signed to Sepulchral Voice Records and made international waves in the underground for its strength of vision, and now the band is here just three years after Domedon Doxomedon to deliver what is surely one of the goddamn coolest albums to come out in recent years.

– taken from the upcoming debut album “Sumerian Promises” out November 12th, 2021 on 12″LP, CD and digital

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