THE ARSENICUM POTESTAS “Ascensionem 4:30” new album 2021

The Blackened Death metal band THE ARSENICUM POTESTAS, will release in a digital format their 3rd album titled “Ascensionem 4:30” on the next Oct 31st through the official Bandcamp page.

Recorded in 2021, this album takes death to a new level with 8 dark and somber melodies that will bring you to step by step closer to the inevitable embrace of the grim reaper.

“I am very proud of this album, which was conceived and spawned in the midst of difficult personal times. The album narrates song after song the ascension process of my mother’s soul to the other side and the new experiences and feelings that I had to face with her departure. So everything is immersed in a real situation of death of a loved one, which we all have to face one day.” –¬†D./The Arsenicum Potestas

1-Ascensionem 4:30

Total Playing Time: 36 mins.
Recorded & Mixed at Demonic Attack Studio 2021.
Cover Artwork & layout by DG Artworks. Layout graphics by Nigrae Edictum.

For fans of Old School Black Death Metal.


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