MORGUILIATH set release date for new OSMOSE album – features members of SUICIDE CIRCLE+++

Today, Osmose Productions announces November 26th as the international release date for Morguiliath‘s highly anticipated second album, Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension, on CD format. The vinyl LP version shall follow later.

Morguiliath was born in the south of France by Rats in 2004, offering multiple concerts and performances. Two demos have been released and distributed independently. The first album, Age of Misanthropia Human Blood and Chaos, was released in 2020 by Vacuum Tehiru Productions as a very dark album dealing with occultism, demonology, Chaos, and the annihilation of monotheistic beliefs and all forms of religious cults.

Rats is the only one active member in this project, who is also involved in two other projects: Suicide Circle with the illustrious boss of French black metal, Meyhnach, produced and distributed by Osmose; and Dhärnürgh, which remains an independent alternative project.

The new album Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension follows the path of Morguiliath and respects the ethics of ’80s and ’90s black metal, associating thrash / black metal riffs without forgetting an unhealthy and abysmal atmosphere. Many influences are present here, such as Bathory, Venom, Darkthrone, Nëhëmäh, Hell Militia, Mütiilation, and others…

First track premiere “Venom and Vomit” to be revealed November 2nd on the Black Metal Promotion Youtube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Morguiliath’s Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension
1. Occult Sins, New Unholy Dimension [2:19]
2. Pass Away [4:59]
3. Black Pearl [5:58]
4. Ad Mortem Festinamus [4:40]
5. Aborted Inquisition [6:39]
6. Venom and Vomit [7:27]
7. Gloria [7:44]
8. Ghouls Sphere [7:54]


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