THE VTH CIRCLE releases guitar amp shootout video for the upcoming single and video “The Intense Vibrations”

In this video, Mike and Dave from Vancouver BC dynamic  death metal band The Vth Circle rip through 6 modern and vintage guitar amps and play some riffs from their upcoming single “The Intense Vibrations“.  

We shootout a Marshall JCM2000, a Marshall 1984 JCM800 2203, a converted Marshall JCM800 combo, a Peavey 6505+, a Peavey XXX and a 1995 Rev. G Mesa Dual Rectifier.

The video can be viewed here:

The Intense Viberations will premiere Thursday October 28th and release worldwide on October 29th.

The Vth Circle is a Vancouver, Canada based band that describes their music as “Dynamic Death Metal.” 

The band consists of Dave Keske on guitar, Ramil Abad on drums, Mike Watson on guitar, Jordan Kinicki on vocals, and Nakuset Gould on 6 string fretless bass. 

The Vth Circle released its debut full-length album titled “I” in 2019 and since then have been hard at work on their new single, “The Intense Vibrations,” as well as their follow-up EP set for release in 2022.  

The band draws influence from many genres, including thrash, melodic death metal, progressive metal, classic rock, and deathcore while seamlessly blending in atmospheric soundscapes, acoustic elements and spoken word passages. 

The Vth Circle has been featured playing the stages of Metallion metal fest (Prince George BC), Metalocalypstick fest (Lone Butte BC), and Armstrong metal fest (Armstrong BC) and opened for such international acts as Bloodshot Dawn, Battlecross, Origin, Nekrogoblikon, Neck of the Woods, Aggression and many more.

FFO: Mastodon, Gojira, Revocation

The Vth Circle adds:

“The Intense Vibrations” tackles themes such as capitalism, ecological destruction, collective dissociation, big pharma, government oppression, hopelessness and states of societal schizophrenia. 

The lyric video was created by Alex Canaran McFabe and Waking World Productions in collaboration with The Vth Circle. 

Connect with The Vth Circle:

Twitter: @thevthcircle

Instagram: Thevthcircle



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