NUNSLAUGHTER – Red is the Color of Ripping Death

As usual, Nunslaughter have loaded their newest release with intense, but short bullets. In every song you can feel Satan is flexing his muscles and swelling his infernal veins. This unholy pulsation what gives the whole album its power. I hope the sound of the brigade needs no introduction – what you can expect is aggressive, blood-thirsty and primitive death metal beginning to the end. Although we’ve gotten used to quality debauchery from the American maniacs, I feel this album is particularly strong.

In addition to the brutal sound, let’s highlight the massive riffs that dominate all 14 songs. The slaughters of the nuns are notorious for whipping their fans with a lot of splits and singles, so after 6 years it was about time for a ferocious LP!

FFO: Necrophagia, Possessed, Sarcófago

Tracklisting for Nunslaughter's Red is the Color of Ripping Death

1. Murmur
2. Broken and Alone
3. To A Whore
4. Banished
5. Red is the Color of Ripping Death
6. Eat Your Heart
7. Annihilate the Kingdom of God
8. Beware of God
9. Black Cat Hanging
10. Dead in Ten
11. The Devil Will Not Stray
12. The Temptress
13. Casket Lid Creaks
14. Below the Cloven Hoof

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