VENEFIXION – A Sigh From Below

The name Venefixion may not ring a bell to many listeners, as this release is the debut of this underground death metal horde crawling out from the French vaults. Their mouldy and occult style, which has already appeared on previous releases, is outstanding among the obscure death metal bands rotting in musically similar graves. Don’t expect a world-changing journey, just let the crypt doors close on you and the dark atmosphere digest you.

Along with a dusty sound, you will get a fast and cacophonous energy bomb that will immediately trigger your evil visceral instincts. Cryptic screams, blood freezing riffs and a rampaging drum/bass section – guaranteed netherworldly madness for over half an hour!

FFO: Repugnant, Venenum, old Tribulation

Tracklisting for Venefixion's A Sigh From Below

1. Intro
2. Veneficial Upheaval
3. Of Wolves And Ghosts
4. Ways To The Netherworld
5. Clavicula Salomonis
6. Summoned And Defiled
7. Subterranean Deathspell
8. Aghori's Ashes Of The Dead
9. As Light Goes Astray

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