MINNESJORD and TEUFELSBERG to stream SIGNAL REX split album at


On October 31st internationally, Signal Rex is proud to present a special split album between Minnesjord and TEUFELSBERG on vinyl LP format only. And today, heavily trafficked web-portal streams the split in its entirety. Hear Minnesjord and TEUFELSBERG‘s split album in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Bringing together two of Signal Rex‘s newest but most imposing hordes, Minnesjord and TEUFELSBERG here present uncompromising black metal in utter defiance of nowadays’ “scene.” Hailing from the raw underground hotbed of Portugal, Minnesjord unleash four filthy screeds of pummeling minimalism. Undoubtedly, the spectre of Ildjarn’s pioneering works looms large still, but the duo wrangle an undeniable nastiness from the innermost gutters of their souls. Plus, the prominent, often-chorused anti-melodies favorably nod to old deathrock, further giving Minnesjord a dirty direction to explore, which is to say nothing of the hypnotic monster that is the nearly-nine-minute “Mavórcio.”


Much as Minnesjord have released one tape through the auspices of Signal Rex‘s brother label Harvest of Death, so far, Poland’s TEUFELSBERG have likewise released one demo through Signal Rex. Its title, Ancient Darkness Triumphant, says everything it needs to about this cult: proudly praising the elder ways of black metal militancy as it was reflected in the Polish underground during the glorious ’90s. TEUFELSBERG continue that noble march here on this split LP, disregarding – and spitting disgust towards – modern iterations of “black metal.” Cold, hateful, and unholy, their three tracks here are simply BLACK METAL because they don’t need to be anything else; not everything goes, and so it goes with Teuefelsberg. The duo build their own dead Christ commune, and here fortify it further.

In the leadup to its release on October 31st, hear the full Minnesjord TEUFELSBERG split album exclusively HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Minnesjord / Teufelsberg split LP
1. MINNESJORD – Armígero
2. MINNESJORD – Opróbrio
3. MINNESJORD – Mavórcio
4. MINNESJORD – Vitupério
6. TEUFELSBERG – Moloch Worshipers
7. TEUFELSBERG – Cultes des Morts
8. TEUFELSBERG – Retaliation of the Evil Ones

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