Finnish alternative death metal band EXTINCTION IN PROGRESS released a second single from their upcoming debut album

Promo pic by: Hannu Perälä

Finnish alternative death metal band Extinction In Progress released a second single “Feasting Upon A False God” from their upcoming debut album “Shades Of Pale” which is set to be released in early 2022 via Inverse Records

The band comments:
“This ruthless song asks very little questions, but offers a fierce musical beatdown instead. It’s a song about taking a stand against those who have wronged you, even if it’s your own maker.” 

Listen to Feasting Upon A False God on:
Apple Music:

Juho Ahlgren: vocals
Joni Kinnari: guitars
Samuli Kaakinen : guitars
Atte Kuvaja: bass
Antti Nurmikoski: drums


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