KRIEGZEIT set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut, reveal first track

Purity ThroughFire announces December 12th as the international release date for Kriegzeit‘s striking debut album, Hateworship, on digipack CD format.

A brand-new entity from Finland’s ever-fertile black metal underground, Kriegzeit are as nasty and twisted as the warfare from which they derive their themes. At once embodying and defying their domestic black metal idiom, across the rabid ‘n’ ramshackle Hateworship, the power-trio pulse and throb with an almost punkish intensity, but then upend familiarity with an alternately agonizing / sublime angularity that somehow retains the latent catchiness of classic headbanging black metal. However, do not linger under the assumption that Hateworship is some type of “party” black metal record; no, Kriegzeit are deadly serious in their devotion to darkness and the taboo, but likewise do they retain a devilish sense of mischief. All that’s writ large – and FILTHILY – across the wild & wasted Hateworship. Put another way, take one look at the psychedelic-nightmare cover art and you should know what Kriegzeit sound like.

Horns have sounded, and war has come: Kriegzeit deliver a unique attack from the desolate north upon those who desire to rule. Heed their Hateworship, or perish!

Heed or perish with the brand-new track “For You the Son” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Aforementioned cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Kriegzeit’s Hateworship
1. Intro
2. The Cult of Black Stone
3. For You the Son
4. Hymn for Hermit
5. Journey to the Next World
6. Souls for the Land
7. Hateworship
8. Bestial Oath
9. Union of Decay

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