CORAXUL set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut, reveal first track – features members of SACRIFICIUM CARMEN, RIIVAUS, CURSE UPON A PRAYER+++

Purity ThroughFire is proud to present Coraxul‘s striking debut album, Vihavirsiä Aamunkoin, on CD, A5 digipack, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions shall be released on December 12th while the vinyl will follow in summer 2022.

Coraxul hail from the ever-fertile Finnish black metal underground. Although brand-new in name, the quartet’s members hail from the well-regarded likes of Sacrificium Carmen, Licht des Urteils, Curse Upon a Prayer, and labelmates Riivaus. Staunchly traditional, expect no grand deviations from the timeless Finnish black metal archetype on the band’s debut full-length, Vihavirsiä Aamunkoin – but within that staunch traditionalism lies a bounty of mysticism and melody. Coraxul thus combines Satan worship, nature glorification, and traditional Finnish folklore in the vein of Finnish national poet Eino Leino, and that melancholic mélange bears bitter fruit across the album’s taut-yet-expansive 40-minute runtime. It’s warmly familiar but freezingly cold as quintessential Finnish black metal gets, fondly recalling the late/great likes of Noenum, Vitsaus, and Prevalent Resistance rather than the usual suspects. But with the blanching passion and palpable physicality on display across Vihavirsiä AamunkoinCoraxul are indeed their own masters. Besides, black metal doesn’t need to “be” anything more than it already is.

Coraxul raise the banners for Finland’s forgotten past. Hail the new dawn with Vihavirsiä Aamunkoin!

Begin hailing with the brand-new track “Marttyyrin Kruunajaiset” HERE at Purity Through Fire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Coraxul’s Vihavirsiä Aamunkoin
1. Kieltäkää Elämä
2. Juurenkaskeaja
3. Luonnollisesti Saatana
4. Marttyyrin Kruunajaiset
5. Mania
6. Maailmanvuohi
7. Sielun Molli
8. Vihavirsiä Aamunkoin
9. Viimeiset Vainajaiset

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