Extreme metal at its best – I HELVETE released a new single from the upcoming debut album

Finnish extreme metal band, i Helvete released last month their first single “Vihapuhe” from their upcoming debut album “SINISTEN PUIDEN NIITTY”. Now, the band released the second single “Sairaan Mielen Sinfonia” with a lyric video. The song includes fast tremolo riffs, a catchy chorus and a lot of different parts.

You can listen and watch at this location:

Singer-guitarist Aleksi Mäkelä tells about the song:
“The song was written for a long time before the lyrics were completed. We had to choose between this and another track, which one will be the second single. After the lyrics were written, we realized that this one has a very catchy chorus so it was chosen. We are actually very proud of this one. Sairaan Mielen Sinfonia is almost five minutes long and it’s interesting from start to finish. All the sections fell into place exceptionally smoothly. Johanna Kuusela also managed to conjure up an absolutely awesome cover image for this song that perfectly reflects it. Playfully, this did cause us some gray hair, hah.”

“SINISTEN PUIDEN NIITTY” will be released on November 26th. It is a concept album about an individual who doesn’t feel like he belongs in this world. When life seems to include only disappointments, suffering and pain, fatal solutions are in mind.

“The record has a length of almost 40 minutes. When the sixth song was completed, the length felt fine. The songs on the album actually go incomplete writing order. This wasn’t meant to happen, but it just felt natural. The album will include heavy riffs, harsh and growl vocals and dark sections, but also beautiful and momentary touching moments.” – The band reveals.


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