CORPSE CHAMBER – new band from Benediction and ex-Sinister musician – video premiere

November 1, 2021 is the day of the premiere of the first official video of Corpse Chamber, who prepared a Carnivore cover “Thermonuclear Warrior” for the official tribute for this band called “Thermonuclear Warriors Of The Fourth Reich – Hail The Carnivores” to be released by Putrid Cult.

Corpse Chamber was founded in February 2021 and is made up of the following musicians:

Artur Chudewniak – vocals

Michal Grall – guitars, bass (ex – Sinister, Unblessed Divine, Manslaughter)

Giovanni Durst – drums (Benediction, Omicida)

Corpse Chamber has already prepared their own material for the first album, the recordings of which will start in December 2021. The album will pay tribute to the old school of Death Metal from the 80s / 90s, and the main theme will be … the Dead.


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