Finnish progsters ODDLAND release new song from their upcoming album

Often labeled as the most exciting of the progressive Finnish metal bands, ODDLAND Is finally back and ready to unleash their long-awaited third studio album. “Vermillion” will be exactly what you’ve come to expect from the Finns: nothing short of a production-wise masterpiece that combines all that prog-lovers love about prog. The first digital single from the album is “Feed The Void” and it shows Oddland firing all cylinders: complex song structure, eerie atmospheres, sophisticated melodies, and a heavy guitar tone, completed with a robust low-end.

Feed the Void” is pt.4 of “Vermilion” and a part of the journey where a sea of indifference floods the mind before finding hope”, vocalist Sakari Ojanen says. “It is a song beyond darkness in a place where things start to lose their meaning. The video reflects the overall visual and thematic atmosphere of the album where strong visceral feelings underlie the music”.

Check out the digital single of “Vermillion” or the official video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube page here or in Metal Injection, which premiered the video exclusively on Wednesday.

ODDLAND – Vermillion (official video)

Founded in 2003 in Turku, Finland, Oddland’s forward-thinking delivery melds aggressive tones, spacious textures, and glorious melodies into a seamless and cohesive entity.

Following a string of successful demos, the band was signed to Century Media for the 2012 debut album, “The Treachery Of Senses”. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, the record was greeted with a barrage of critical acclaim, including praise from top-tier publications like Rock Tribune, Metal Hammer, Inferno, and many others, and praised as the best prog-metal record ever recorded in Finland!!

Oddland recorded the magnificent follow-up album “Origin” at Fantom Studios (Insomnium, Korpiklaani, Oranssi Pazuzu) after which it was mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir) and released worldwide through Sensory Records in 2016. Containing a bit more than forty-five minutes of music, the album bears a theme that ties deeply into the lyrics and extensive artwork, with a separate piece of art being created for each of the nine songs, by Egyptian artist Mohammed Essam.

Oddland has performed at a number of festivals including FME, Tuska, Headway, and Progpower Europe, been touring Europe twice, both as support act for Persefone and as split headliner, in addition to many shows alongside the likes of established acts including Soen, Leprous, Swallow the Sun and Omnium Gatherum. It’s a great live band that leaves nothing to be desired.

And here we are in 2021 – with the brand-new third, album, named “Vermilion” ready from these Finnish masters of prog. With an insanely amazing production that takes the listener into the universe of Tool and mixes that super production with a perfect blend of musical twists that would startle any Leprous, Pain Of Salvation or even Faith No More fan, you just can’t go wrong.

“Vermillion” will be released in early 2022 via Uprising Records.

Sakari Ojanen: vocals, guitars
Joni Palmroth: bass
Ville Viitanen: drums
Jussi Poikonen: guitars

Digital single link:

Official site

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