Italy’s Black Metal Band ISCURON Announce New Album

Iscuron, one man black metal band from Italy, is announcing the release of the new album The Pursuit Of Unhappiness on December 1st, 2021. This is Iscuron’s second album and it follows the debut one The Nothing Has Defeated Atreyu. The new album is an evolution of the musical style of the debut album: black metal with symphonic, atmospheric and medieval influences, including classical, folk and electronic instruments. The album will be released in digital first. In 2022, physical releases of both albums are currently being planned

Iscuron is a one-man black metal band based in the North of Italy.
Although the only member is familiar with black metal since the mid 90’, this project started in 2020. Iscuron is composing any music and lyric, taking care of any phase of the production with the only exception of the artworks.

Music and lyrics style
Classical black metal with symphonic, medieval and atmospheric influences.
Although classical black metal guitar riffing and drumming are there most of the time, the music also includes keyboards, synths, classical, folk and electronic instruments.
In fact Iscuron is not considering his project as part of a “rock” environment. The goal is a balanced mix of several different elements to achieve a desired overall atmospheric outcome.

New Album: “The Pursuit of Unhappiness” (December 2021)
The Pursuit of Unhappiness is Iscuron’s second album, self-released in December 2021.
The album comprises six tracks in a total time of about 40 minutes and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

It follows the debut album The Nothing Has Defeated Atreyu that was self-released in January 2021.

The style of the new album follows as the first album, musically and lyrically.
The goal was not to change Iscuron music style but improve each musical component.

The Chilean artist Silvana Massa, who specialized in dark fantasy and pagan art and is also active in the “dungeon synth” space, conceived the album cover.

The Pursuit of Unhappiness tracklist:
1. This Fog Will Not Dispel
2. The Pursuit of Unhappiness
3. Europa
4. Village Of The Evil Cult
5. The Monastery Of Sorrow
6. The North Star No Longer Shines


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