CHRONIC TRIGGER unleashes a brutal music video for forcible new single “Black Mental Epilepsy”!

Progressive extreme metal band Chronic Trigger releases a monstrous music video visualization for the group’s new, ominous single “Black Mental Epilepsy”! Following on from the formation’s previous records, this track proves that Chronic Trigger is a formation known for the dynamism in the distinguishable mixture of music that the members’ talents are generating, simultaneously mixing classic elements of hardcore with technical and progressive death metal to create an unique heavy sound landscape. By enriching the package of the presented product through accompanying the song with a music video, which features excellent production, a compelling story line, and plenty of gore, Chronic Trigger showcases the perfect release for horror fans, who also love metal!

Addressing the idea behind “Black Mental Epilepsy”, Ryan Pigot (vocalist) speaks: “I wrote this track to express my creative side. I did research on the most gruesome serial killers and how they searched and completed their kills. With the help of my band mates, we created what we visualize as the most devious killer we could think of. One that gets off on the game of taking every last bit of hope away from someone, before feeding them to the next victim and completing a sick cycle of happiness. Never feeling, never fearing always calm collected and in control of the situation from start to end. The creation of the video itself was just as rigorous as the writing, the hard work of all of our production team, as well as the band, was what made the video come together. Without the professionalism of all the people that we got to work with it would not have turned out half as good as we wanted.”

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