Norway’s ABHORRATION set release date for INVICTUS debut EP, reveal first track – features members of CONDOR, OBLITERATION, NEKROMANTHEON+++

Invictus Productions announces November 26th as the international release date for the striking debut EP of Norway’s AbhorrationAfter Winter Comes War, on cassette tape format. The CD and 12″ vinyl versions will follow next year.

A brand-new formation begun in early 2020, Norway’s Abhorration nevertheless feature members hailing from such bands as Condor, Nekromantheon, Hecatomb, Resonaut, Purple Hill Witch, and Obliteration. While one could reasonably expect what sound might result from such a conglomeration, the power-trio’s first public recording, After Winter Comes War, aims for an olde-world Metal of Death that abounds with a refreshing sense of the “new.” Here, Abhorration invoke and re-arrange trace elements of classic Sadistic Intent, Morbid Angel, Possessed, and early Vader into something uniquely labyrinthine – epic, haunting, and most devotedly METAL above all – with the wicked angularity of prime Axis of Advance to make proceedings that much more twisted & pissed. The recording across After Winter Comes War is suitably raw, but the execution is deadly tight, and the four component compositions thus ripple with an intensity that’s scabrous. And thankfully, not once is there a cloying sense of “retro” here. Truly, an auspicious first start for this formation!

What comes after After Winter Comes War? Only Abhorration know at this moment – the band has since expanded to a quartet, and a full-length is rumored to be in the works – but Invictus is ready for whatever arsenal is provided next!

The first arsenal can be found with the brand-new title track “After Winter Comes War” HERE at Invictus Productions‘ Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Abhorration (Norway)’s After Winter Comes War
1. After Winter Comes War [5:03]
2. Ten Trenches of Malebolge [6:22]
3. Desecrate the Exploits of God [5:39]
4. The Great Storm of Putrefaction [4:28]

ABHORRATION lineup on this EP
Andreas – bass
Magnus – guitars & vox
Øyvind – drums
Current ABHORRATION lineup
Andreas – bass
Arild – rhythm/lead guitars
Magnus – rhythm guitars & vox
Øyvind – drums

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