Breakdowns and Synthwave Collide On EVERY HOUR KILLS’ Collaboration w/ Chris Wiseman (Shadow of Intent) On “Tenebrous”

For fans of Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, Periphery, Erra, Spiritbox

New EP “Vacua” Out Now!

EP Guests:
Calle Thomer (Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath),
Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow of Intent)

Every Hour Kills has always had a mission to challenge the status quo when it comes to metal genres and this newest iteration from the group is highlighted with the most divergent single “Tenebrous” from their latest EP “Vacua”.

The single breaches the borders of genres with elements of synthwave and clean vocals in the verses crossed with heavy chugs and breakdowns. The music is written mainly by guitarist Sascha Laskow which is further molded by the other members with the lyrics written by vocalists Jei Doublerice and Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster. The band comments on the single:

“This was another collaboration with Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow of Intent), although I changed the verses to be more of a synth-driven throwback to previous EHK material. Jerrod came in here to add some new wave crooning as a contrast to the crushing low tuned riffs and dissonance that permeate the rest of the track.”

With the new songs presented on the EP; they’ve obviously become a lot heavier, darker, and introduced the harsh vocals element as a more regular focus. This is just an honest expression of the emotions everyone has gone through in the last year.

Influenced primarily by progressive, djent and cinematic music, members of Every Hour Kills have opened for bands such Godsmack, Apocalyptica, and Trivium, however, they are currently an internet-only project, and no live appearances are planned.

Every Hour Kills is best described as melodic, dark, and cinematic, progressive juxtaposing angular heaviness with soaring melody. They are suggested listening for fans of Periphery, Vildhjarta, and Spiritbox.

The visualizer for “Tenebrous” can be heard and watched at

“Vacua” is available for stream and download on all digital platforms at

Track Listing:
1. Palindrome (intro) (2:01)
2. Vacua (3:28)
3. Euclidian (2:57)
4. Tenebrous (3:34)
5. Intransigent (4:08)
EP Length: 16:09

Sacha Laskow: Guitars & Programming
Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster: Vocals
Jei Doublerice: Vocals
Brent Stutsky: Bass

EP Credits:
Music: Tracks 1, 2 – Sacha Laskow
Music: Track 3, 4 – Sacha Laskow, Chris Wiseman
Music: Track 5 – Sacha Laskow, Calle Thommer
Lyrics and Vocals: Tracks 2, 4 – Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster, Jei Doublerice
Lyrics and Vocals: Tracks 3, 5 – Jei Doublerice

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Sacha Laskow – Perfect Filth Studios
Additional Vocal Engineering: Jei Doublerice at Exiled Media & Joe Hoferat J & C Studios
Every Hour Kills uses: Toontrack, Fractal Audio, Neura IDSP, ML Sound Labs, Ownhammer, Bareknuckle Pickups
EP Artwork: Erisis Red
Band Photo: Nicco Van Hamja

For more info:

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