Finnish gothic/doom outfit HANGING GARDEN announce new EP, reveal first single/ video!

New HANGING GARDEN EP “Neither Moth nor Rust” out January 21st, 2022 (Vinyl April 1st)!

New single + video for the title track out now on all digital platforms!

The output of the Finnish band is as remarkable as their ability to keep progressing creatively. On their newest EP, HANGING GARDEN remain dedicated to dark, atmospheric music. Once again, they manage to develop a gloomy sound that seems a bit different in the broader picture, but also is differently shaded for their own musical pathway. The breadth of impressions on the listener’s side is as pronounced as the group’s valuable, general sounding arrangements. 

With the six tracks of the follow-up to their seventh album “Skeleton Lake” from 2021, HANGING GARDEN explore the sonic space between sparseness and universal grace. Ethnic and folky accents are used even more naturally. The same goes for the use of electronic elements or beats, piano and the inclusion of Riikka Hatakka’s vocals respectively clean singinig in general.

On their new EP “Neither Moth nor Rust“, HANGING GARDEN present themselves as sound seekers whose sole concern is to translate emotions and moods into somber music. With this, they succeed impressively, while sadness is omnipresent and tangible.


Track list:

Neither Moth Nor Rust
The Last Dance
And Leave All Love Behind
The Raven Portrait
On the Shore of Eternity
Field of Reeds (Avalon Skies Rework)


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