MASSACRE – Resurgence

Equimanthorn: It is clear, that Resurgence is the closest attempt to the legendary From Beyond, thanks mainly to Kam Lee’s massive vocals, but overall I was left unsatisfied, as the album does not have any other strengths. Massacre never played complicated music. Its magic has always been in the simple, but incredibly heavy and atmospheric grooves. Yet they can’t seem to solve their self-created recipe’s mystery. Apparently the same beats, rhythms and tricks are present again, but none of the riffs are bashing in really hard. Of course, there are better moments when I’m starting to pump up, but the next part takes the bloodlust away. Its a shame, because it could be quite a strong LP, if the themes could support Kam’s roar appropriately.

I don’t deny that it is unlistenable record, you just have to accept that they’ll never able to re-do From Beyond.

Gyrsee: During the first couple of songs I thought this will be the good old school death metal – killer riffs, massive themes and all the other madness. Even so, in the second half of the album I found myself checking when the LP will end at last. Part of the reason were the non-uniqueness and the monotony of the album, moreover the lead guitar was pretty weak.

I barely can recall any memorable moments even after two listens. I wouldn’t say it is bad, but it is not the best idea to push this band in this form. For me it is hard to imagine that I will choose this album in the future if I want to listen to death metal.


1. Eldritch Prophecy
2. Ruins of R'Lyeh 
3. Innsmouth Strain
4. Whisperer in Darkness	 
5. Book of the Dead
6. Into the Far-Off Void 
7. Servants of Discord
8. Fate of the Elder Gods 
9. Spawn of the Succubus 
10. Return of the Corpse Grinder

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