ROTHADÁS – Kopár hant… az alvilág felé

Rothadás means ‘Putrefaction’ in Hungarian, so you can limit the possibilities of what is waiting for you in the next 40 minutes… Inspired by the depths of Finnish death/doom, the two-man outfit set afloat their first full-length album on the waters of Styx, after short, but putrid demo. The maniacs known from Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, Mörbid Carnage (plus many more quality extreme bands) have headed into the swamp of slow, soul-devouring death metal. Five death-anthems growled in Hungarian ensure that death/doom will conquer territories also in their motherland.

I won’t sugar-coat it – disgusting, deep, decaying, dimension-crushing rumble… out of this world stuff.

If you’re into the aforementioned Finnish death/doom darkness, or the anti-cosmic abomination of Spectral Voice, you’re in the right graveyard!

FFO: Krypts, Spectral Voice, Rippikoulu

Tracklisting for Rothadás' Kopár hant... az alvilág felé

1. Utolsó kenet
2. Koporsószeg
3. Sírkő
4. Kripta
5. Temető

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