Russian female fronted metal band DIVIDED ISLAND releases a new hot single and music video named RADIATING LIGHT

A Moscow-based quartet DIVIDED ISLAND describes it’s music style as ‘ultraviolet metal’. Purple is not just a color for them, but a philosophy. Inspired by modern and progressive metal, the band mixes atmospheric electronics, heavy guitar riffs with djent elements, groovy rhythms and crystal-clean female voice.

‘Radiating Light’ is a romantic radio hit for fans of WITHING TEMPTATIONTHE BIRTHDAY MASSACREDELAIN, etc. The verses turn into explosive choruses, accompanied by the beautiful voice of UltraViolet (vocalist with purple hair). Lyrics that are filled with meanings and metaphors, tell us the story about magical visions and an amazing mysterious world from the dream that once turned into reality.

Low tuned guitars, heavy rhythm section, melancholic synths and sensual vocals create an unique atmosphere of the song that will make you listen to it again and again.

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