KORPIKLAANI – Release Drum Playthrough For The Song “Mylly”

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars KORPIKLAANI released their 11th studio album Jylhä back in February 2021. The album was hailed by critics and fans alike as the most elaborate and mature KORPIKLAANI album to date. Continuing the series of entertaining playthrough videos they have been putting out since the release of JylhäKORPIKLAANI have released another drum playthrough video by Samuli Mikkonen for the single “Mylly” today, which you can watch below.  

Drum Playthrough For “Mylly” by Samuli Mikkonen:

Samuli comments:
This song is one of my favourites from the Jylhä album. Demo version was also good but I missed something. I was hesitating for half a second before I had the courage to tell Jonne it was lacking a proper chorus. He said to me that in that case he will make it. After sleepless night he sent me the new riff early in the morning. It was perfect. Just like I imagined it! This is one of the many examples why this record was so inspiring to make. Jonne was very open to take my suggestions to the songs and I really got the feeling that my ideas were welcome and I can make a difference. Jonne is a talented composer and a great dude! Markku Kirves did an amazing job with the video. He’s got a good sense of knowing what looks cool and he is good at directing people. He’s also a master of great ideas…This time he wanted to destroy my drums with milled grain…There was a lot of work in cleaning afterwards but DAMN IT LOOKS COOL!


Official video for the single “Tuuleton:

Official video for the single “Niemi:

Official video for the single “Sanaton maa:

Official video for the single “Mylly:

Official video for the single “Leväluhta:

Official Video For The Non-Album Track “Ennen” (Joe Jackson / Anthrax cover):

Playthrough Videos released so far:

Accordion playthrough for “Pohja“:

Accordion playthrough for “Huolettomat“:

Drum playthrough for “Kiuru“:

Drum playthrough for “Verikoira“:


27.11.2021    Zlin, Czech Rep, Winter Masters of Rock
28.11.2021    Budapest, Hungary, Barba Negra
04.12.2021    Sheffield, UK, HRH Vikings
07.01.2022    Tampere, Finland, TalviHelvetti Winter Festival
08.01.2022    Zurich, Switzerland, Meh Suff! Winter Festival
19.02.2022    Tallinn, Estonia, Helitehas
19.03.2022    Klokgebouw, The Netherlands, Das Oktober Metal Fest
01.-03.05.2022    Wroclaw, Poland, 3-Majówka Festival
04.06.2022    La Chaussée-Tirancourt, France, Sama’Rock
10.06.2022    Zamora, Spain, Z! Live Rock
23.06.2022    Nummijärvi, Finland, Nummirock
12.-14.08.2022    Kortrijk, Belgium, Alcatraz Festival
17.08.2022    Dinkelsbühl, Germany, Summer Breeze 

Stay tuned for more live dates to be announced soon!


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