SO HIDEOUS – NYC post-metal visionaries share new single from upcoming album!

NYC post-metal visionaries So Hideous have revealed “Souvenir (Echo)”, the opening track from their upcoming new album None But a Pure Heart Can Sing. It will be released on December 3, 2021 via Silent Pendulum Records.

You can now stream the track and pre-order the album here:

None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is the band’s first new album since 2015’s acclaimed Laurestine, released on Prosthetic Records. Described with words like “stunning” and “haunting,” 2015’s Laurestine is an album of post-metal tempests, augmented by a 30-piece orchestra. BrooklynVegan hailed the album as “devastating, end-of-the-world type sh*t, putting screamo, post-rock, and atmospheric black metal in a blender and really letting those modern classical influences shine with the orchestral parts.” Mass Appeal called it “metal heavily influenced by the sound of film scores… atmospheric bliss.”

Still raging as hard as ever, still expressing the extremes of torment and beauty, None But a Pure Heart Can Sing sees So Hideous incorporate new sounds and rhythms into its approach. The album features the debut of new bassist DJ Scully and drummer Michael Kadnar (also in Downfall Of Gaia) – the explosive rhythm section of The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

Brandon Cruz describes in detail the new direction the band has taken: “I think we still have the foundation of what we laid before, being influenced largely by Japanese post-metal bands Mono and Envy, and composers such as Arvo Part and Max Richter. We wanted more rhythm this time and we expanded outward to include influences from Fela Kuti and Tony Allen‘s Afrobeat percussion, James Brown‘s horn section, and the balladry of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. It was also nice to finally experiment a bit with more Penderecki-style tone clusters and glissando on the more dissonant sections.”

Absolutely thrilling on a musical level, absolutely cathartic on an emotional level, None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is an example of the triumph of art created with open minds and open hearts.
The album album was engineered, mixed and mastered by The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios. The vocals were recorded at Atomic Garden West by Jesse Nichols. None But a Pure Heart Can Sing is now available to pre-order,  via New York’s label Silent Pendulum Records, or in Europe via the Evil Greed shop at this location!

So Hideous – Album Lineup:
Brandon Cruz – guitar, keys, string arrangements, lyrics
Christopher Cruz – vocals
Etienne Vazquez – guitar
DJ Scully – bass
Michael Kadnar – drums

Earl Maneein, Adda Kridler, Blanca Cecelia Gonzalez – violins
Fung Chern Hwei – viola
Jennifer DeVore – cello

Lynn Ligammari – saxophone
Nadav Nirenberg – trombone
Jackie Coleman – trumpet

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